IA Music Releases

Original Tape

This was the first real tape produced. Recording was done at Smart Studios by Butch Vig and Steve Marker. It included eight songs, with the stand out being "We are not Alone" which caused many a pig-pile when played live at the Wilmar center. This tapes songs were often compared with Black Flag and GBH but David's guitar and Jim's bass style really made these songs more original sounding than was given credit for. Mike did not play on this tape because he just had left the band to be in Westworld with Thomas(Thorn) and Skippy Dred (RIP). If he would have know they were going into the studio well...  This tape came out in 1983.

Song List:

Side A
  • We are Not Alone
  • Who are You?
  • Punk is Silly and Insignificant
  • Do What You Want
Side B
  • Bad Habits
  • We Took Control
  • Worlds Gonna End
  • Imminent Attack

Original Demo Tape Lyrics

  • We Are Not Alone
  • Punk is Silly
  • Who Are You?
  • Do What You Want

Live For Fun Tape

I only have the original cassette tape that was dubbed off the board at Smart. I found a copy of the insert that went along with the tape but thats it. Brad got the masters from this session burned to CD and we created new mp3's of these.

Song List:

  • No Rights
  • Live For Fun
  • Do You Have a Choice?
  • Warning (Original)
  • No
  • Rebel
  • Anthem

Live for Fun Lyrics

  • No Rights
  • Live for Fun
  • Do You Have a Choice?
  • Warning
  • Anthem
  • No

Element Of Surprise

Element Of Surprise was released in 1984. Recorded at SMC Studios (unlike most that were done at Smart Studios) This was the album Jim spent a fortune on in the studio and for vinyl. (well a fortune when you are poor young punks like we were) It included eleven songs and featured cover art by Kent and Bradd Bitney.

Song List:

  •  Perpetual World
  •   Element Of Surprise
  •   My Skin
  •   Basement
  •   Destruction
  •   Last Stand
  •   What Do I See?
  •   Starve
  •   Smash The Bore
  •   Hunter
  •   Do You Know?

Element Lyrics...

  • Perpetual World
  • Element of Surprise
  • My Skin
  • Basement
  • Destruction
  • Last Stand

Holy Terror Tape

Released in 1985 the songs were getting more influenced by bands like Slayer and Metallica but still had more punk lyrics and vibe. Holy Terror was about the Barneveld WI tornado. The tape as usual was mass produced and cheap and didn't really reach the potential it could have.

Song List:

Side 1:

  • The Show
  • Doing Time
  • Rotten Land
  • Warning (second version)

Side 2:

  • Laugh
  • No Guts No Glory
  • Holy Terror
  • You'll Never Understand (acoustic guitar)

Holy Terror Lyrics...

  • The Show
  • Doing Time
  • Rotten Land
  • Warning
  • Laugh
  • No Guts No Glory
  • Holy Terror
  • You'll Never Understand

Miraculous Power 45

This was put out on Ruin records in 1988 after B-rad and Mike were no longer in the band. The band had another drummer during this period of the band and only one guitar. The sound was metal and the hair was long at this point and the matching "Warlock" guitars proved that IA punk was finally dead. Very fast heavy songs and a recording that sounded like it was done with an AM radio. The songs are decent enough but a very thin recording. We wish we could remaster these too.

Song List:

Side 1: Miraculous Power

Side 2: Bullet and Full Speed Ahead

Miraculous Lyrics...

  • Full Speed Ahead
  • Bullet
  • Miraculous Power

IA Greatest Misses (Details)

The Greatest Misses CD was released in March 2009. This includes 30 remastered songs from various quality recordings from tapes to vinyl. We did our best to make these sound decent considering most of the master recordings are missing or impossible to convert. This contains a majority of the songs released by Imminent Attack. These songs span from 1981 to 1986 and do not include songs from the Miraculous Power single. Also the opening song on Element of Surprise (Perpetual World) is not included. This will be available to listen to on the site.

Title      : Greatest Misses
Artist     : Imminent Attack
Copyright  : 2009 IA Music

Track    Length                  Title
-----   -----------    ---------------
1       00:03:55:07    We are not Alone/Who are You?
2       00:01:22:68    Punk is Silly and Insignificant
3       00:01:17:44    Do What You Want
4       00:01:13:15    Bad Habits
5       00:01:22:19    We Took Control
6       00:01:37:59    Worlds Gonna End
7       00:01:05:66    Imminent Attack
8       00:01:43:37    No Rights
9       00:02:49:41    Live For Fun
10      00:02:36:19    Do You Have a Choice?
11      00:02:08:58    Warning Original Version
12      00:01:29:48    No
13      00:01:34:14    Rebel
14      00:04:28:03    Anthem
15      00:01:29:39    Element of Surprise
16      00:01:46:74    My Skin
17      00:02:09:33    Basement
18      00:02:02:33    Destruction
19      00:02:11:18    Last Stand
20      00:02:05:65    What Do I See
21      00:01:27:40    Starve
22      00:01:41:08    Smash the Bore
23      00:02:23:53    Hunter
24      00:03:55:72    Do You know?
25      00:01:43:57    The Show
26      00:05:01:45    Doing Time
27      00:02:38:42    Rotten Land
28      00:01:59:19    Laugh
29      00:01:38:24    No Guts No Glory
30      00:04:33:13    Holy Terror